segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Benhabib: "The Morality of Migration"

A filosofa de Yale Seyla Benhabib publicou um texto no The Stone sobre a nova política de deportação da administração Obama (NY Times Junho 2012), na qual filhos de imigrantes ilegais, mesmo não adquirindo direito de cidadania, não poderão ser deportados.

Seyla Benhabib - The Morality of Migration

Even though morally the right to hospitality is an individual right, the socioeconomic and cultural causes of migrations are for the most part collective.  Migrations occur because of economic, environmental, cultural and historical “push” and “pull” factors. “We are here,” say migrants, “because in effect you were there.”  “We did not cross the border; the border crossed us. 

We do have special obligations to our neighbors, as opposed to moral obligations to humanity at large, if, for example, our economy has devastated theirs; if our industrial output has led to environmental harm or if our drug dependency has encouraged the formation of transnational drug cartels.

These claims of interdependence require a third moral principle — in addition to the right of universal hospitality and the right to self-government — to be brought into consideration: associative obligations among peoples arising through historical factors.