sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012

Entrevista: Axel Honneth

Entrevista de Axel Honneth publicada originalmente em 2010, na qual o filósofo alemão procura definir a especificidade de sua concepção de crítica social frente as alternativas contemporâneas.


The other principle, which is more disputed, is the concept of contribution or social esteem. I believe this principle to be absolutely fundamental for our understanding of the whole sphere of work. The sphere of organized work is totally downplayed by the procedural theories of justice because of their narrow focus on political citizens. Therefore I want to readdress these other components. I should mention that, with this approach I am very close to another political philosopher; not Michael Walzer, who also writes about «spheres of justice», but David Miller, who, in his book Social Justice (1976), also plays with the idea that we have to deal with three different principles of justice. I call this approach a pluralistic approach.