domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Philip Pettit: "On the People's Term"

Livro novo do filósofo irlandês Phillip Pettit (Princeton) intitulado "On the People's Term" pela Cambridge Press. Pettit apresenta um modelo republicano de legitimidade do poder, no qual todos possuiriam a mesma parcela de controle sobre os detentores do poder.

Republican philosophy identifies a complaint that is meant to be at once personally motivating and politically feasible. It indicts the evil of subjection  to another’s will – particularly in important areas of personal choice – as an ill that we all recognize and recoil from and at the same time as an ill that the state is well placed to deal with. I shall be arguing in the course of this book that such subjection can be effectively corralled and reduced, though certainly not wholly eliminated, by means of political initiative. And yet it takes only a  little imagination to realize just how repellent this subjection can be.