sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2016

Vagas de pós-doutorado na Hoover Chair (UCL)

A Cátedra Hoover da Universidade Católica de Louvain (Bélgica) está aceitando propostas de pós-doutoramento, com possibilidade de remuneração, nas áreas de filosofia política, ética aplicada e temas relacionados com justiça e economia (uma lista dos membros do centro de pesquisa pode ser encontrada aqui). Liderada por Philippe Van Parijs, o centro de pesquisa belga é uma das mais renomadas instituições européias dedicadas à pesquisa em teoria política contemporânea. O prazo para o envio de propostas vai até o dia 29/02

Université catholique de Louvain
Chaire Hoover d'éthique économique et sociale
Hoover Post-doctoral Fellowships in Economic and Social Ethics 2016-17

It is our pleasure to announce that the following grants will be awarded to scholars wishing to spend part of the academic year 2016-17 at Louvain's Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium): 
• two full Hoover fellowships of about EUR 2200 per month (after deduction of social security contributions) for a duration of three months; 
• several honorary Hoover fellowships for a duration of one to six months with a contribution to housing and travelling costs of up to EUR 500 per month. 
• Privileges. All Hoover fellows will be full members of the Hoover Chair for the duration of their stay. They will be provided with office space, internet connection, free access to various other services, some secretarial assistance, and help in finding accommodation. They will be welcome to take an active part in the  Hoover Chair's activities and will have access to the University's seminars, lecture courses and libraries.

• Eligibility. Candidates must be scholars from outside Belgium, who hold a doctorate or possess equivalent qualifications and are active in the field of economic or social ethics broadly conceived. Candidates for a full fellowship must have no professional income from other sources in the period concerned. Proficiency in either English or French is required, and at least a passive knowledge of both is desirable 

• Domain. Scholars with an active interest in the main research themes of the Hoover Chair's members are particularly welcome. These themes include theories of social justice, theories of democracy, the potential and limits of corporate social responsibility, basic income and the future of the welfare state,  the stigmatization of social categories, the destiny of the European Union, intergenerational justice, linguistic justice, democracy and solidarity in multinational polities, workplace democracy, ethical behaviour under extreme circumstances, social science research ethics, etc. Many of them are illustrated in the essays contained in the volume Arguing about Justice, which can be downloaded free of charge. 

* Applications must reach Thérèse Davio by e-mail (therese.davio@uclouvain.be) 
No later than  29 February 2016. 
They must include
1. a letter (in French or English) stating briefly
- your current research interests, and in particular what you intend working on during your stay;
- your linguistic abilities;
- your preferences as to the length and timing of your stay (between September and May);
- whether you are interested only in a full fellowhip, only in an honorary fellowship or in both;
- the names, institutions, positions and e-mail addresses of two referees from whom a reference letter could be asked if needed;
2. a detailed Curriculum Vitae.