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Programa Max Weber de Pós-Doutorado (2017/2018)

O Programa Multidisciplinar de Pós-Doutorado Max Weber, sediado no Instituto Universitário Europeu (EUI) e coordenado por Richard Bellamy, é um dos programas multidisciplinares em ciências sociais mais bem sucedidos do mundo. Seu objetivo é reunir recém-doutores e doutoras (até 5 anos da data de defesa) nas diferentes áreas das ciências sociais e, com base em um calendário anual de seminários e workshops, prepará-los(las) para a colocação profissional na academia (ver o vídeo abaixo). Anualmente são oferecidas entre 50 a 60 bolsas de pós-doutorado para candidatos e candidatas do mundo inteiro. As datas e diretrizes das submissões podem ser encontradas na chamada abaixo:

50-60 Max Weber Post-doctoral Positions Available, EUI, Florence

Applications are now open for the 2018/19 entry to the Max Weber Multidisciplinary Post-doctoral Programme at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.
Amongst the largest, most prestigious, innovative and successful post doctoral programmes in the historical and social sciences, the Max Weber Programme is located in an exceptionally beautiful setting with truly outstanding research and training facilities. We offer between 50-60 fully funded 1 (all departments), 2 (SPS and Economics) and (rarely, and only in Economics) 3 year post doctoral fellowships to applicants from anywhere in the world in the fields of economics, history, law and social and political sciences. All areas and types of research within these fields are considered, including all forms of legal, social, economic, historical and political thought – both past and present.
Applicants must be within 5 years of the award of their PhD. Preference is given to those who have recently completed a doctorate, not had a postdoctoral position before and/or are on the job market. Last year 98% of Fellows found an academic position on completing the Fellowship.
In addition to the scholarships funded by the Max Weber Programme itself, there are additional grants available that are funded by the Greek, and, we anticipate, Portuguese and Slovenian governments, and by foundations in Australia and Japan to which nationals of these countries (and in some cases long-term residents as well) may also apply. We also have a memorandum of understanding with the Academy of Finland for Finnish applicants. Eligible applicants from these countries are strongly encouraged to apply, and will automatically be considered for these opportunities. For details, see: (and scroll down to Other Fellowships)
To find out more about the programme, the training it offers and its multidisciplinary character, as well as how to apply, go to:
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