segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014

Melhores artigos da Boston Review (2014)

Todos os finais de ano a Boston Review elenca os melhores artigos e fóruns de discussão que passaram pela revista ao longo do ano. Na edição de 2014, temos Mike Konczal sobre Picketty (uma das melhores resenhas que li sobre o livro e, principalmente, sua relevância no debate econômico contemporâneo), Ronald Aronson sobre os 50 anos do "Homem Uni-dimensional" de Marcuse, o fórum de discussão "Contra a Empatia" submetido pelo psicólogo cognitivo Paul Bloom (com réplicas de Sam Harris e Paul Singer) e Colin Dayan em um mau-humorado ensaio contra a antropomorfização dos animais. Enfim, ótima leitura (polêmica) para as festas de final de ano...

Boston Review's Top Articles 2014

1. Against Empathy | Paul Bloom argues that empathy is overrated. Peter Singer, Sam Harris, Leslie Jamison, Simon Baron Cohen, and others debate.

2. Studying the Rich | Mike Konczal on Thomas Piketty and his critics.

3. Is Life a Ponzi Scheme? | Mark Johnston reviews Samuel Scheffler’s Death and the Afterlife.
4. Dogs Are Not People | Colin Dayan on the anthropomorphizing of animals.
5. Syria in Revolt | Eminent Syria scholar Sadik al-Azm on understanding the origins of the Syrian revolution.
6. Zero Hour | Paul Hockenos on a group of East German anarchists who built a short-lived utopia in Berlin after the fall of the Wall.
7. Style over Substance | Leland de la Durantaye on the troubles of translating Proust.
8. In Defense of Narcissism | Vivian Gornick reviews Elizabeth Lunbeck’s The Americanization of NarcissismGeorge Scialabba responds.
9. How Finance Gutted Manufacturing | A forum led by Suzanne Berger.
10. Marcuse Today | Ronald Aronson: Fifty years later, One-Dimensional Man is more prescient than Herbert Marcuse could have imagined.
11. Cheap Signaling | Daniel Tiffany on class conflict and poetic diction. Others respond.
12. Feminism Can Handle the Truth Judith Levine on what the Rolling Stone/UVA saga means for feminism.
13. Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools | Jeffrey Aaron Snyder
14. What Killed Egyptian Democracy| A forum led by Mohammed Fadel.
15. Ground Down to Molasses | Dave Byrne’s epic history of the folk song “Ain’t No More Cane on the Brazos.”
16. A Better Nation | Stephen Phelan on Scotland’s divisive independence vote.
17. What Can Blind People Tell Us About Race? | by Osagie K. Obasogie.
18. Let’s Be Real | Lucy McKeon reviews two new books by Roxane Gay.