quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

Uma Teoria da Justiça: O Musical!!

O blog chega ao seu centésimo post!

Como parte de nossas comemorações, nada mais apropriado do que "A Theory of Justice: The Musical"!!

Aparentemente a peça é um sucesso entre os alunos de Oxford....

(A trilha sonora e o filme (!) já estão a venda no site do musical) 


"I need a theory, a theory of justice, something ambitious for everyone sake ..."

"Written by an enterprising group of 3rd year PPEists, A Theory of Justice not only gets to grips with some seriously high-brow material, it manages to get some laughs out of a pretty niche subject matter – if any play were worthy of the label ‘only in Oxford’, this would be it.
The musical is an adaptation of John Rawls’s book A Theory of Justice, which, to cut a long story short, synthesises previous philosophic ideas into a one simple form of words: justice as fairness.


Even if you don’t know your Russell from your Rousseau, A Theory of Justice is easy to understand – if you’re still struggling, then a fairy godmother might point her wand at you and give you some hints".

                                                                                           The Tab

Robert Nozick and Ayn Rand (os vilões é claro) dançando tango

John Rawls e a fada madrinha "Immanuel Kant"