quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

Democracia Republicana

A Edinburgh University Press publicou os trabalhos apresentados na conferência internacional "Republicanism, The Rule of Law, and Democracy", ocorrido em 2009 na Goethe Univeristät (Frankfurt). O resultado é o livro "Republican Democracy: Liberty, Law and Politics", organizado por Andreas Niederberg e Phillip Schink. Entre os autores, Pettit, Bohman, Forst, et alli....

Andreas Niederberg & Phillip Schink (org.)



This book provides a new theory of democracy and an alternative to contemporary liberalism, in its exploration of the historical and theoretical relationship between democracy and republicanism, and its consequences. It expands on the foundational principle of republicanism, and puts forward new insights into connections between liberty, law and democratic politics, and a radically new conceptualization of the meaning and structure of democratic institutions and procedures.


Introduction - Andreas Niederberger & Philipp Schink

1. The Tension Between Law and Politics in the Modern Republican Tradition [paper] - Marco Geuna
2. Impotence, Perspicuity, and the Rule of Law - Jack N. Rakove
3. Kant, Madison and the Problem of a Transnational Order [abstract] - James Bohman
4. Republicanism and Democracy - John P. McCormick
5. Two Views of the City: Republicanism and Law - John Ferejohn
6. A Kantian Republican Conception of Justice as Nondomination -Rainer Forst
7. Two Republican Traditions - Philip Pettit
8. Freedom, Control and the State - Philipp Schink
9. Legal Modes and Democratic Citizens in Republican Theory -Galya Benarieh Ruffer
10. Rights, Republicanism and Democracy - Richard Bellamy
11. Republicanism and Global Justice: A Sketch - Cécile Laborde
12. Republicanism and Transnational Democracy - Andreas Niederberger