domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Tributo a Dworkin (NYU Law Review)

Em outubro do ano passado um grupo de filósofos e juristas reuniram-se na Universidade de Nova York para a carreira de Ronald Dworkin, falecido no ano passado ("Dworkin's memorial celebration"). Neste mês a NYU Law Review publicou os textos apresentados no evento. Dentre os participantes, Thomas Scanlon ("Three Thoughts about Ronnie") e os colegas de universidade de Dworkin Jeremy Waldron ("The Enrichment of Jurisprudence"), Liam Murphy ("A Joy to Hear Him Speak") e Thomas Nagel ("In Memoriam: Ronald Dworkin"). Os textos são curtos e valem a pena para quem tem interesse em entender melhor o papel da filosofia de Dworkin no ambiente acadêmico norte-americano. 

Veja abaixo os textos completos:

- Tributes: Professor Ronald Dworkin

Last year, the NYU community lost an intellectual giant in Professor Ronald Dworkin. The school and the Law Review joined together to honor Professor Dworkin’s writings, ideas, and of course, his legendary colloquia. Academics, philosophers, and judges gath- ered to pay tribute. In the pages that follow, we proudly publish written versions of those tributes. The ceremony closed with a short video clip of one of Professor Dworkin’s last speeches, titled Einstein’s Worship. His words provide a fitting introduction:

"We emphasize—we should emphasize—our responsibility, a responsibility shared by theists and atheists alike, a responsibility that we have in virtue of our humanity to think about these issues, to reject the skeptical conclusion that it’s just a matter of what we think and therefore we don’t have to think. We need to test our convictions. Our convictions must be coherent. They must be authentic; we must come to feel them as our convictions. But when they survive that test of responsibility, they’ve also survived any philosophical challenge that can be made. In that case, you burnish your convictions, you test your convictions, and what you then believe, you better believe it. That’s what I have to say about the meaning of life. Tomorrow: the universe".